Here are some of the useful maps of Haifa on the web. Some of them have very useful information as tourist place of interest, museums, and other important points when visiting Haifa.

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Map with tourist places and other information in Haifa

Map with important places and other information

The most beautiful and cosmopolitan city of Israel is Haifa. The city stretches from the shores of the Mediterranean to the peak of Mount Carmel. This clean and green city is one of the major ports of Israel too.

The city is situated 480 m above the sea level, spreads across three tiers and offers its tourists a spectacular viewpoint from the Eshkol Tower. The city is famous for its Haifa University that has an art gallery and is a dream place for all kinds of art connoisseurs.
The history of this picturesque city dates back to biblical times. In its earlier days, the city was known as a dye-making hub. Various civilizations have ruled and left imprints on the bricks of the city. The city is witness to the rules of the Byzantines, Arabs, Ottomans, even the Egyptians and the British. Today it stands as the home to a mixed population of Jews and Arabs.


The cultural capital city, Haifa is the home for the many museums and rich heritage centers. Its long stretched beaches offer its tourists an ideal place to relax with the Mediterranean type of climate. The most important tourist attraction is the Baha’i World Center with the golden shrine of the Bab. It is surrounded with beautiful gardens too.

If you are in Haifa, the jewel city of Israel, take time off to pay a visit to the artist’s village of Ein Hod. It is the place of studios and exhibitions of several artists and craftsmen. Stroll at the Mount caramel National Park that has many caves where Neanderthal and the early Homo sapiens remains are found. The Mount Carmel is a great place for the hikers too. A visit to the National Museum of Science, Technology and Space is a must if you happen to holidaying at Haifa.

If you want to walk around Haifa and feel its beauty, take the “path of the thousand stairs” that begins at Central Carmel, passes the Baha’i shrine and the German Colony, and ends downtown. Again, you can also take an aerial spectacular view from a cable car.

So, don’t miss the opportunity of visiting a cosmopolitan, hi-tech city on a hill with a picturesque view of its pristine beaches.